HLR- Number Lookup

 HLR Stands for "Home Location Register" querying the subscribers "Home Location Register" enable's the user of this service to find out what network is used and if the subscribers phone is ported or not.

Usage for HLR-lookup:

  • Identify problems while sending messages to an subscriber.
  • Check whether a subscriber is ported or not.
  • Clean an SMS send list from old / invalid subscribers.
  • Check whether a subscriber is ported or not.
  • Number Lookup provides detailed information about a queried MSISDN even if the regarding mobile handset is switched off

Xtrabulk Number Lookup Service offers you reliability, so even if a subscriber has changed the Mobile Network Operator and kept his number, your successful delivery rate will not suffer.

HLR - Number Lookup optimize  SMS routing and reduce cost of messages returned due to Mobile Number Portability (MNP) by identifying invalid or unused numbers so can could easily eliminated from your Bulk SMS sending list.

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