2 Way SMS - SMS MO

Xtrabulk 2 Way, (SMS MO) stands for  Mobile Originated SMS (MO) in simple words means that end-users' are able to send text SMS from their mobile device and deliver it into the our client's application, it is based on Long Numbers and offers enhanced and effective way of interactive communication for Wireless Application Service Providers,  SMS aggregators, Resellers, advertising agencies, media channels and mobile infrastructure providers as well as any business that need to interact with their customers in term of 2 way SMS messaging as an effective and low cost solution.

Some Application Examples for 2 way SMS (SMS -MO):

  • 2-way marketing campaigns
  • SMS promotions, SMS competitions
  • television SMS voting
  • SMS chat
  • SMS-to-email
  • and many others…

Xtrabulk 2 Way SMS solution covers over 150 countries around the world and is based on UK Long Numbers also known as a virtual mobile numbers or long codes that consist of 12 digits, starting with the UK country code +44, which enables businesses to have their own number, rather than short codes.

Advantages of 2 Way SMS (SMS MO) based on Long Numbers in contrary to Short Codes:

  • International accessibility of long numbers is perfect for companies that want to run their own SMS campaigns or any other assignment on global market, contrary to the short codes that are limited to national borders and have to be activated in each country which will make running campaigns more expensive and time consuming.
  • Long numbers are more effective solutions in a long run than short codes where the number can not be assigned for a long period/term.
  • Access to long numbers over SS7 is simpler than access to short codes where service providers must enter a bilateral agreement with the mobile network operator that actually owns the number which can be complicated and can cause delays in implementing services.
  • Using Long numbers is lower cost solution for SMS and voice than use of short codes.

Xtrabulk 2 Way SMS solution benefits:

  • Coverage in more than 150 countries and 700 networks worldwide.
  • Proprietary SMSC based solution over SS7 connectivity enabling reliability of services.
  • Carrier-grade technical infrastructure which provides reliability – a fault – tolerant and cost effective solution.
  • Competitive pricing.

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