How to Start Your Own Business as an SMS Service provider – A Practical User Guide

If you are already reading this preface chances are that you already know the high potential of setting up your own SMS business AKA “Bulk SMS Provider” and you don’t know where and how to start, or you have already stepped in SMS business as a reseller to one of the existing SMS providers but you still leak in-depth knowhow and technicalities to take your business to the next level and become totally independent SMS provider without being attached to your providers single platform and pricing.

This is a Step by Step practical user guide for new start ups & existing entrepreneurs who wants to start their own SMS business as an independent SMS provider not as the commonly found “White Label Reseller programs” after you master this guide you will be able to provide others your own “white Label Reseller program” as well as the typical SMS services that you will be rendering to your clients.

This is not an affiliate program sort of guides and you will not be asked to join or purchase specific program or software. In this guide I am putting all my expertise and know how that I have acquired in the SMS business industry the hard way since I started my first SMS company back in 2008, when I first started in SMS business I started as an SMS reseller to one of the existing big players providing SMS services to my client through my provider white label platform that was fine as quick jump start but later when my business volume and my client base increased I started to face many other challenges as I was stuck with 1 provider, 1 platform & pricing and didn't have much flexibility to keep up with certain client inquiries and trying to switch to another white label program to compensate on either more options or better pricing that was another nightmare, it took me around 2 years to figure out how to be independent and how to properly setup my very own SMS platform so I can be totally independent from a single provider.

This guide will save you a lot of time, money and frustrations and will let you start on the right track from day one.

What is included in this guide?

SMS industry specific terminology in plain English with examples to make it easy to understand to anyone, it is very important to know your business language when negotiating pricing and terms with SMS operators and aggregators and also very important when talking with your clients who has technical knowledge about this business

Comprehensive and objective list of all the major SMS providers, Aggregators & Messaging Operators worldwide

Having Your Own SMS System VS White Label SMS Reseller Programs Pros & Cons

How to approach & acquire the best SMS connections & pricing from the big players without sounding like a newbie and end up being ignored or given high prices

Types of SMS services that you can provide with live examples and business models that you can apply for each service

How to find and analyse your competitors.

How to price your SMS services with sample pricing models.

How to build your client base online without making a single sales call.

List of Free & commercial software and tools that you can use to build your own SMS platform “SMS Server”


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Number of pages: 39 Pages