Why SMS Marketing Is A Powerful Marketing Tool?

  • SMS messages could be sent and read at any time.
  • SMS messages could be sent to an offline mobile phone and read after it's switched on.
  • SMS messaging is not intrusive.
  • 2 way SMS allows your customers to interact with your business.
  • SMS could be sent with any language and customized to suite your audience preferences.
    • Example: (Arabic mixed with English or any other Unicode language)
  • With SMS Marketing you reach your target audience at their preferred times.
  • With SMS Marketing you could easily build up your customers database and get in touch with them.
  • SMS Marketing or Mobile Marketing is Highly Personalized
  • SMS Marketing is low budget, Fast & Instant Results
  • SMS Marketing has very high ROI and could be used as Cross-media: Mix with Radio, TV, Print.
  • SMS Marketing is Viral (word of mouth) People forward messages to friends, colleagues and Family
  • With SMS Marketing you can reach your over sea's customers or prospects at very low budget. 
  •  People usually share or speak out load SMS Marketing or promotional messages instantly with people in their company.
  • With the expansion of internet enabled Mobile handsets you can easily link to your website and deliver any type of content to your customers like multimedia presentations, e-catalogues, ringtones, wallpapers etc..

The benefits of using SMS Marketing or Mobile Marketing by deploying Bulk SMS Campaigns are countless… and the possibilities is up to your imagination and creativity.

  • SMS Marketing for freelancers
  • SMS Marketing for website owners
  • SMS Marketing for small business
  • SMS Marketing for medium business
  • SMS Marketing for large 500 fortuned companies

Simply its for any type of business at any size

So Why Wait? Contact us for more information, we can also assist & consult you in building and implementing your SMS campaign strategy.

We are backed up with more than 15 years of experience in the wide array of Marketing practices & one of the finest telecom grade servers, equipments and highly qualified technical support team to render and answer all your inquiries and custom solutions.  


More Readings about SMS Marketing

High penetration rate of mobile users has created new opportunity to marketers and brands around the world. They are looking to develop a direct and sustained relationship with customers on their mobile phones.

According to the Mobile Marketing Association statistics, in 2008, 89% of companies will use text and multimedia messaging to reach their target audiences, with nearly one third planning to spend more than 10% percent of their marketing budgets on advertising in the text SMS marketing medium.

Mobile Marketing is a low cost & efficient way for small & large businesses to advertise

SMS is the ideal communication channel to keep people informed and updated, as well as creating a real time network of relevant information. Mobile device is the ideal medium for consumer response because it is interactive and always on the move with the user.

SMS marketing is one of the most responsive marketing communication mediums, with several times better response rates than direct-channel marketing. Unlike an e-mail or letter, SMS is likely to be read by a person quickly as the majority of people have their mobile phones with them 24 hours a day. SMS is automatically saved where it can be re-read or used as a voucher. If an offer is good, people will forward the message to their friends and a campaign can grow exponentially.

Marketing Sector use SMS Messaging for:

  • Advertising (targeted, personalized, accessible)
  • Promotion (information about product, service or brand)
  • Coupons (discounts, special offers)
  • Ticketing (reduce cost, increase customer convenience)
  • Retail (special offers, discounts, building loyalty)

Marketers need to attract and increase consumer attention. They want loyal consumers which will increase and lead to repeated sales.

Xtrabulk tailor made solutions for Marketers and Brands have a positive impact in reaching targeted customers through personalized messaging and ensures high ROI.

Benefits from using Xtrabulk are:

  • High level targeting,
  • Measuring of campaign call back,
  • Direct contact with each of potential customers,
  • High response rate,
  • Delivery reports as confirmation of delivery

Xtrabulk provides an end-to-end technical solution to Marketing Sector to ensure all needed technical background to be creative. From global to local campaigns, Xtrabulk offers a portfolio of resources to mobilize your message using the most innovative solutions. For particular questions on how your business can prosper, please feel free to Contact us