SMS MT Stands for Mobile Terminated SMS also referred to as Bulk SMS or Push SMS which enables the delivery of messages from a developed application (Web Application, ERP, CRM or any Desktop application developed specificly for sending/receiving SMS like Xtrabulk SMS Messenger)  to a mobile subscriber's handset. Xtrabulk SMS MT ( SMS Mobile Terminated) Deliver you SMS messages to subscribers in over 150 countries and more than 700 Mobile operators worldwide. Xtrabulk is backed up with Excellent technical solution that ensures reliable, efficient, affordable and cost-effective channel for the delivery of your messages to your customers around the world.


SMS MT is an essential channel of communication for a wide range of businesses of different sizes when it comes to Mass distributions of SMS messages in a very short time, as it over comes the limitations of sending Bulk SMS or Group SMS from normal Mobile Devices. From Single Retail Shops up to 500 Fortuned Companies are using SMS MT (Bulk SMS) to communicate effectively and affordably with their customers/clients in term of sending them SMS Notifications, Alerts, SMS coupons etc...  


Bulk SMS or SMS MT is also a very power tool when combined with 2 way SMS  - MO (Mobile Originated)


Xtrabulk Provides SMS MT Services and connectivity by choosing one of the following:


  • Xtrabulk Bulk SMPP Client (Windows Desktop Application)
  • Xtrabulk Web SMS Manager (Send Bulk SMS from your Browser)
  • Developers API integration:
    • HTTP API
    • SMPP API
    • MySQL Database API


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